From: Laurie Stout

To: JoAnne D. Roake; ken; Ron Curry

Cc: Joe Benney

Subject: RE: Help request regarding Laurie re the recent section 18 definitions update -

Date: Monday, July 19, 2021 11:19:56 AM


I did not hang up on him, he kept arguing and finally hung up on me.

It’s a separate apartment with a kitchen that is attached to a garage, but no connection to the rooms in the house.


From: JoAnne D. Roake <>

Sent: Monday, July 19, 2021 10:44 AM

To: ken <>; Ron Curry <>; Laurie Stout <>

Subject: Re: Help request regarding Laurie re the recent section 18 definitions update -

Thank you for your email. I have forwarded it to appropriate staff for their input. Best- Jo Anne Roake

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From: ken <>

Sent: Monday, July 19, 2021 10:29:21 AM

To: <>

Subject: Help request regarding Laurie re the recent section 18 definitions update - Mayor:

Regarding building plans that I have submitted and just had verbally rejected by Laurie:

Laurie just hung up on me in a very unprofessional display of anger. Her last words to me were ‘when we get what we can approve we’ll approve it’ – incredibly unhelpful to me and frustrating. This is in regards to my submitted building plans.

I have asked Joe to provide me the section(s) of the code that my plans are not in compliance with – Laurie was unwilling or unable to give that to me on the phone.

I’ve further struggled with what recourse I have to have someone other than Laurie address this – the P&Z commission or in your council meeting?

I would appreciate a call from you – 505-301-5629 Ken DeHoff

I’m aware of the updated definitions and don’t think I am afoul of any of these

Accessory uses and structures means uses and structures which are clearly incidental and subordinate to principal uses and structures located on the same property.

Dwelling unit means any building or part of a building intended for human occupancy and containing one or more connected rooms and a single kitchen, designed for one family for living and sleeping purposes.

Kitchen means any room principally used, intended or designed to be used for cooking or the preparation of food. The presence of a range or oven, or utility connections suitable for servicing a range or oven, shall be considered as establishing a kitchen.

And from the approval process:

Whereas, despite the above-mentioned regulations limiting density to one dwelling unit per lot, secondary dwelling units, sometimes known as “casitas”, have periodically been constructed in Corrales. This occurs when an accessory structure is legally constructed on a lot already containing a dwelling unit, and the accessory structure is subsequently converted to another dwelling unit via the addition of an oven or range, and; Whereas, the “oven/range or utility connections suitable for servicing one” is the only distinguishing feature separating an accessory structure from a dwelling unit, and; Whereas, the Village of Corrales has no municipal water or sewer with the majority of lots nearly entirely on-site water (well) and septic, low density development is not only an aesthetic issue but a health and safety concern….”

A small version of our construction plan – the concerns are raised on the bedroom on the left side.