For now, here is a link to the youtube video of the entire hearing.

Youtube: video of the entire appeal meeting

I will link to the outrageous things said in the appeal.  For now the most outrageous is this lie by Laurie stating she received Sue Gerber's permit in April, then held on to it until 'around the same time as our denial' (which is in fact Aug 11 3 weeks after our denial).

Youtube: Laurie declares two dwelling units based on lack of connection

Youtube: Laurie states she refused to speak to us

Youtube: Ken Provides Calendar of Events

Youtube: Ken Discusses 21-04 language and adoption

Youtube: Vanessa Szanto Discussion

Youtube: Ken Discusses Chris Donaldson's Casita

Youtube: Ken explains not two dwelling units

Youtube: Ken explains 3-21-1 limitations

Youtube: Ken Questions Laurie about Chris and Sue's permits

Youtube: Randy states our home plans have a firewall in them

Youtube: Randy Declares Ordinance Properly Endorsed

Youtube: Mayor not allowing me to cross-examine Randy's testimony

Youtube: Laurie discusses duplexes, triplexes

Youtube: My 5 minute warning

Youtube: There is No Precedent in the use of Laurie's Definition

Youtube: Randy falsely asserts 21-04 has a mayoral endorsement

Youtube: Ken Explains the Denials


Here are some highlights from the original adoption hearing

Youtube: Laurie adds single unit with connected rooms from existing ordinance

Youtube: Laurie states no policy change #1

Youtube: Mayor states no change to policy in this ordinance

Youtube:Vanessa Szanto questions Laurie about in-laws